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Corcubion, land of calm and bravery

Cultural Heritage

Public fountains and wash houses in Redonda

Ethnological heritage

On the 30th of September 1906, the town council asked the Provincial Council for a grant to repair the village's public fountain and build three more in the areas of Quenxe, Redonda and Oliveira.

In July 1908, the repair and renovation of the village's public fountain and the construction of a trough were put up for auction, as well as the repair of those in the areas of Redonda, Quenxe and Oliveira with the new construction of a wash house in the vicinity of each of them, in accordance with the project signed by Juan Francisco Yánez, the first neighbourhood road district engineer. After three auctions without any bidders appearing, in April 1909 Carlos Cobas, a master stonemason from Cee, undertakes to take charge of the work of repairing the intake pit, renovating the pipe of the fountain in the village square and building a new drinking trough, as well as repairing the public fountains of Redonda, Quenxe and Oliveira and building a wash house in the vicinity.

The arrangements for the construction of the fountain and the wash house in O Vilar began in July 1951, being completed and ready to be inaugurated in the period between July 1957 and July 1958. 50% of the cost was covered by a D.ation from D. Benigno Lago Estévez.

Also in 1963 the municipality received a subsidy for the construction of a fountain-wash house in A Amarela, which was the only place in the municipality that lacked these services, being completed in 1964.