What to see in Corcubión

Corcubion, land of calm and bravery

Cultural Heritage

San Roque’s Stone Cross

Ethnological heritage


campo de San Roque


cruceiro de granito de tipo Crucifixo

The platform is quadrangular with three degrees and has no pedestal. The pole is square in section with chamfers at the top decorated with small balls. The capital has a very pure cubic shape.

The cross has a rectangular cross-section. On the obverse, Christ is crucified with three nails. He wears the crucifix nimbus, leaning his head to the right. He wears the purity handkerchief without tying it up. The cross ends in a parchment with the inscription INRI. On the reverse, Our Lady appears with the child, on her lap, crowned on a pedestal. This representation could be, according to X. Miguel Gonzalez, an imitation of Marian iconography of the cross of Santa Maria das Areas, in Fisterra, since the one of San Roque is located in the pilgrimage route to the Fisteran sanctuary.

Its formal and stylistic simplicity leads one to believe that this is the oldest stone cross in Corcubión.