What to see in Corcubión

Corcubion, land of calm and bravery

Cultural Heritage

San Pedro de Redonda’s Stone Cross

Ethnological heritage


atrium of San Pedro de Redonda’s Church


cruceiro de granito de tipo Crucifixo

It is built on a five-degree square platform. The pedestal, also quadrangular, ends in chamfers. The octagonal shaft ends in a cylindrical capital composed of a smooth circular astragal, an abacus with curved sides and bevelled corners. The capital is decorated with scrolls and leaves with lobed edges.

The cross, quadrangular in section, has chamfered arms and a floral end with a central button on the top. On the obverse side, Christ is crucified with three nails, with a crown of thorns, leaning his head to the right and with his fingers closed, although the nails in his hands are visible and the purity handkerchief is tied to the left. On the back, Our Lady is depicted in an attitude of seclusion with her hands in front of her chest and crowned. She stands on the base of a winged angel with the moon under her feet.

On the base there is an inscription "ES E LO HISO / IVº DE MN POR / SV DVON ANO / DE 1689". The historian Xoán Miguel González establishes that the person who dedicates is called Juan, but he does not know his surname as he could not contrast it with the sacramental certificates of the parish, as much documentation of this type was destroyed in the incursions of the Napoleonic troops.