What to see in Corcubión

Corcubion, land of calm and bravery

Cultural Heritage

San Pedro de Redonda’s Church

Architectural heritage





Legal situation

property of the Archbishop of Santiago de Compostela

San Pedro’s Church is a small temple of great artistic value. It has a unique nave and chapel, both with a rectangular floor plan. Next to the presbytery is the sacristy, which is small and rectangular in shape, and less tall than the rest of the nave. Its masonry facing is a variation on the stonework of the rest of the temple.

The following are some of the highlights:

- The façade, which has a pentagonal pattern and a semicircular arch supported by the wall. The access door has the symbols of San Pedro on each leaf: the keys and the staff.

- The exterior decoration, with plant motifs. The single-body belfry with two semi-circular arches on pillars, a pediment, two pyramidal acroters and a cross stand out.

- At the head of the apse, there is a window that ends in a semicircular arch and rests on a small curved column of which only the left side has been preserved.

- The interior decoration, with altarpieces with statues. There are also several carvings, such as the one of San Pedro (a small Gothic carving of about 40cm), Virgen de las Mercedes, Virgen del Carmen, a carving of San Juan Bautista and Virgen del Rosario.

In the main Chapel there are remains of pictorial decoration on the vault and on the east wall. A series of plant motifs are drawn on a yellow ochre background: interlacing, fleurons, etc. In the upper part of the vault there is a solar disk with a human face; a series of rays emanate from it and it is surrounded by stars and dots that represent the celestial vault. On the canvas of the wall that flanks San Pedro statue, remains of the representation of clothing can still be seen, so the apse would also have a figurative decoration.

The field where the church is located is in a very beautiful place and includes, besides the temple, the cemetery and a stone cross.