What to see in Corcubión

Corcubion, land of calm and bravery

Patrimonio Cultural

San Antonio’s Chapel

Patrimonio arquectónico


Campo de San Antonio, 2


built in 1684 and rebuilt several times. It was built by Domingo Durán



Legal situation

property of the Archbishop of Santiago de Compostela

It is a small rectangular temple with a small main chapel that occupies its entirety and has a wooden gabled roof with tiles. The chapel was rebuilt in 1997 after being destroyed by a fire and being in a ruinous state for many years. It had a baroque altarpiece of which only the image of San Antonio de Padua is preserved. This statue, which dates back to the 17th century, represents a very young saint, dressed in the Franciscan habit and with the usual tributes of the lily and the book. The temple is located in a small square (campo de San Antonio), where a stone cross from the 18th century stands out.