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Corcubion, land of calm and bravery

Cultural Heritage

Rúa das Mercedes’ Stone Cross

Ethnological heritage


rúa das Mercedes


cruceiro de granito de tipo Cruz. É dos anos 80.

Its platform is quadrangular and consists of a single grade. The quadrangular-shaped pedestal continues on the pole, also quadrangular, with a smooth shaft.

The capital is made up of two horizontal flat mouldings joined by a scotia. The cross, of slender proportions, has straight arms and lacks any ornamentation.

It replaced the stone cross that was made when this space was fitted out, within a series of interventions carried out between 1968 and 1970 to compete for the "National Tourism Award for the Beautification and Improvement of Spanish Villages 1971". This action consisted of replacing the old garden that was there, paving the little square, with the placement of the stone cross and the restoration of the façades of the buildings that bordered this space.