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Corcubion, land of calm and bravery

Cultural Heritage

Municipal Cemetery’s Stone Cross

Ethnological heritage


Corcubión Municipal Cemetery


cruceiro de granito de tipo Crucifixo

This cross comes from the old cemetery of A Viña, but originally, according to Xoán Miguel Fernández, it was in Campo del Rollo, as it is recorded in 1786. In 1902 it came into the possession of the Town Hall. Its platform is quadrangular with two degrees. The pedestal is quadrangular and smooth and bears the inscription "RENOV IN 1986". The pole, which is circular in section, is decorated with grooves and moulding planes. The capital is of a carved Ionic order with a popular touch.

The cross, quadrangular in section, has arms with chamfers and ends in flowers with a central button. On the obverse side, Christ is represented as crucified with three nails. It is crowned with thorns, with his head leaning to the right and his hands open. The purity handkerchief is held in place by a rope. The cross is topped by the cartouche with the inscription INRI. On the back, Our Lady is depicted in a prayerful attitude with her hands clasped in front of her chest. Her head is girded with a crown and rests on a winged cherub.