What to see in Corcubión

Corcubion, land of calm and bravery

Cultural Heritage


Ethnological heritage

The first mills date back to the Neolithic period, the so-called "hand mills", consisting of two stones of different sizes. This system evolved into a circular mill formed by two stones, in which the upper one (the "Moa") turns on another, called the “Pie”, by means of the movement made with a stick embedded in it.

The hydraulic mills take advantage of the driving force of the river to grind the grain, presenting two fundamental types:

  • Bruia mill or water mill, with a vertical drive wheel.
  • Rodicio mill, with a horizontal drive wheel. These are the oldest and most numerous, also known as creek mills. This is the type of mill that appears in Corcubión.

Following the course of the Quenxe river there are a total of six small mills.

A number of these buildings are also preserved in Redonda.