What to see in Corcubión

Corcubion, land of calm and bravery

Cultural Heritage

Cardenal’s Castle

Architectural heritage


punta Pión


second half of the 18th century

Situación jurídica

propiedade privada en uso

The strategic location of Corcubión’s port as a place of refuge from the rough waters of the Costa da Morte made it a compulsory stop for expeditions heading either towards Northern Europe or the Mediterranean. On many occasions, this anchorage in the estuary was used to make incursions of plundering and destruction in the seafaring towns and inland territories of the region.

For this reason, from the middle of the 17th century, the need to build fortifications in this estuary was considered. The first defensive plan for the area included the following constructions:

  • Príncipe’s Castle, in Ameixenda (Cee)
  • San Carlos’ Castle, in Fisterra.
  • Soberano’s Castle, in Camariñas (now disappeared).
  • Cardenal’s Castle, in Corcubión.


The Cardenal’s Castle was paired with the Príncipe’s Castle, located practically opposite it, allowing the estuary to be defended by crossfire. Legend has it that a chain linked both fortifications and, by stretching it, enemy ships were prevented from entering, allowing the estuary to be closed off.

It was equipped with twelve cannons and the corresponding offices, which could house up to ninety men.