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Corcubion, land of calm and bravery

Cultural Heritage

Baldomar’s Stone Cross

Ethnological heritage


rúa Cruceiro de Baldomar


cruceiro de tipo Crucifixo de 1700

The platform is quadrangular and consists of four degrees. The pedestal is quadrangular in shape and bears the following inscription: 'THIS CROSS OF / BALDOMAR I SV MR / MARINA GS / YEAR 1700'. It was commissioned to be erected and painted by Domingo de Baldomar, a wealthy sailor, and his wife, Marina González. The pole is decorated with grooves and the capital is of Ionic order.

The Cross, quadrangular in section, has arms with chamfers and a central buttoned flower ending. On the obverse side, Christ is depicted as crucified, with three nails, the crown of thorns and the purity handkerchief tied with string to the right. The cross is topped by the cartouche with the inscription INRI. On the back there is a representation of Our Lady.

On 12nd of January 1909, the upper seat was destroyed and repaired to its current appearance. Depending on the type of crowned, the model of the capital, the Christ's handkerchief and the shape of the angel, Xoán Miguel González attributes its authorship to the same master stonemason or workshop that made the cross located today in the municipal cemetery.